Dearest Friends,

The Untouchables

Under a big tree, in front of a believer’s house in a village , we did our first show of the day. We were with the children that this culture labels as untouchable. For most people here, they are not seen. You can see some of the children above.

I knew that for the Gospel to be real to them, we needed to touch them. However, our white skin scares them. I prayed and walked slowly toward a group of children. I stretched out my open hand to them and waited. Finally, one brave little girl reached out to me. That single act changed everything. Then all of the children took Kelsey’s hand and my hand. I always put my left hand on top so that they would feel I cherished their touch.

The whole village came. It was a huge crowd. The water buffalo was tied nearby and stuck his tail in our truck window. Two babajis came as well. I saw a goat wearing a coat. You can’t make this stuff up. Keep praying for these children that the Father always sees.


At our 2 remaining shows, we had a real problem with the teachers using sticks on the children. It is common for teachers here to hit children on top of the head, on their face, wherever they choose. I will not abide it! I am always collecting sticks. Today, Kelsey got a couple of big ones. I also picked one up. For these teachers, it is not discipline , but abuse. I had an amazing conversation with one man who was really hitting the children hard. I saw him. I asked him to watch how we could do a show and maintain discipline with love. Then, I really starting praying that the children would respond and listen. He was so amazed at what he saw that he came with other teachers and promised me to never use a stick again. I am amazed at God!

Both of these shows were very sweet! One was in a cow pasture that still had 2 cows in it. It was important to watch where you walked. The second was in a school yard under the shade of a mango tree. It is so sweet to watch children respond to the story of Jesus. They smile, they stare in wonder, and I hope they pray! We can not pray with children at schools, but we can tell them how to pray. It is enough. We are blessed!

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey