Dearest Friends,

So Many Children

Today was beautiful! We were blessed to tell hundreds of children about God’s sweet rescue plan. We are in rural Kenya. There are dirt roads, cold showers, electricity that comes and goes, and storm clouds to pray away as all of our shows are outside. We are so happy!

The children are dear! Mostly, they stare at us and are too quite. They have never seen puppets. They have never seen most of what we have in the program.

Many children today did not have shoes. A lot of the ones who did have shoes, had lots of holes in their shoes. The children’s clothes had holes and were missing buttons. I took sticks away from teachers who used them on the children .

Please keep these little ones in your prayers!

Being Good is Not Enough

Most of the children go to church , but they are taught that they can be good enough to go to heaven. We have been told that when we share at one local church, they may ask us to leave. We never teach children that they are good. We tell them that through faith in Jesus, they can be rescued and changed by God’s love.

Please pray for us as we seek to be light in a very dark place.

An Amazing Opportunity

I have been asked to return to one school and teach the teachers. The principal felt what he described as poor teaching was because they lacked “things”. I have always felt what made a good teacher was because of her heart. I am really looking forward to this opportunity

It was such an honor to be in the schools today! We are all very blessed!

In Jesus, Linda , Kelsey, Drake and Leslie and The Hope Center