Dearest Friends,

Beautiful Flowers

The flower ladies of Istanbul are surrounded by incredible beauty, but nothing is more beautiful to me than children having the opportunity to hear about Jesus. We finished our time there with the sweetest news! We took a smaller stage to Istanbul for one group of friends. They decided it was still too big and would not be able to use it. We were not discouraged because we knew the Lord had a plan. We simply had no idea what His plan was.

Then one evening, Kelsey and I were speaking to a large group of friends. I explained that if Jesus had not rescued me as a little girl, my life would have had a very different story. God was kind to us and the stories touched one young man’s heart. He took the stage to bless Afghan children with smiles and laughter and more. We are so blessed. It is more than we could have hoped for!

Where Are We Now?

You won’t believe this, but we are back on a plane, headed to Kenya. Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda