Dearest Friends,

A Wonderful New Friend

Last night, we had a sweet visit with a very kind young man. I feel l made a wonderful new friend! This young man is kind, compassionate and forgiving. He has forgiven so much. When he was a little boy, he tried to save his mother from his father’s drunken anger. His father had a knife and when his young son stepped in front of him, he cut off a part of his son’s ear.

This young man is so humble. As he told us this story, you could see that he had truly forgiven his father, even though he continues to drink. He is training to tell stories so that other children can be rescued by the Gospel. Please hold him in your prayers!


As soon as you sit down in the simple building, you notice that over 90 percent of the church is children and young people. They sang with passion!!! In other places, no one would have put such value on them and continued to hold services for “only children.

The pastor was on crutches because he broke his leg and they put a cast on it without setting it. He spent 4 months in bed. An American paid for him to see a better doctor. It is not easy for him, but he a good example of perseverance. He does not quit!

I encourage you to forgive everyone everything! I encourage you to persevere in the work the Father has given you!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Drake, Leslie and Friends at The Hope Center