Dearest Friends,


You never know what God will do in the lives of the children when you are doing a puppet show for them. At our first show, we had more than 500 children sitting in the shade on a hillside. To our surprise when they were given the opportunity to call on Jesus, no one prayed out loud. This is unusual for here. It’s hard to imagine hundreds of children sitting in complete silence, but that is what happened. It was really strange.

Our second show was with teenagers who never pray out loud, not even here. However, we could hear lots of them calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them. It was wonderful!

My hope is always the children are at least praying silently. I want so much for them to know Jesus! However, I have one more thought. I think we need to be diligent to cover every show with prayer. Would you please pray every day for the children that come to our shows? I know it is only God’s Spirit that can call them to faith.

This is such a dark place. Witches and witch doctors are common. They are sought out daily by the villagers for advice and solutions to their problems. People truly think that they have the ability to transform themselves into snakes and other things. Demonic activity is strong in this place. This is a battle for the hearts of the children. Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Leslie, Drake, and Friends at The Hope Center