Dearest Friends,

The Smallest Church

This is one of the smallest churches that I have ever shared at. Its walls were made of a mixture of dirt, water, and cow dung. It was truly in the middle of nowhere.

With the congregation, we did not fit in the building. The entire church climbed a hill behind the church and we set up under a big tree.

We had a beautiful time sharing with them puppets, the story of Joseph, and the young people ‘s testimonies. Four men watched the puppets without smiling until our black grandparent puppets came up. Then, they never stopped smiling!

Every time we cranked the van and moved it, one little boy cried. We were so far from everyone and everything that I think he had never seen a vehicle.

These people had so little, but warmly welcomed us! They even fixed lunch for us. Their generosity challenged me to think more about how I share my blessings. Please pray for them to be a bright light.


Yesterday, my oldest son, Josh, with his wife, Teresa, and their children, Daniel and Evangeline, arrived at the orphanage. They flew into a city about 3 hours away. Somehow, they found a florist and brought me the most beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day. I could not believe their kindness and thoughtful!

Only 30 minutes after they arrived, we did a show for the orphans. Daniel and Evangeline shared their testimonies and Josh and Teresa took pictures. Bethany, the Director of the orphanage, commented on what a good job the grandchildren did! I agree!

It is so very special to have them all here! More, I think it is very good for the children to have children sharing with them!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Leslie, Drake and Our Friends at The Hope Center