Dearest Friends,

Uncontrollable Delight!!!

Look at the faces of the children in the picture above. It seemed to us that all 650 of them were experiencing uncontrollable delight. They laughed and smiled and pointed and clapped. They had the most wonderful time! It was dear to me that they loved the story of Jesus so much. Most of the children sitting in front of us live at another nearby orphanage.

My favorite part of the show was at the end of the program. When I told them that they should hold onto Jesus, I wrapped my arms around my body. So many children nodded and did the same. When we finished the show, we were mobbed by children who wanted to hug us! It was a beautiful show!

We also had the most wonderful time! Every day , we are blessed to tell hundreds of children about God’s rescue plan for them.. sometimes thousands.This is a fantastic trip!

Would You Like To Be A Blessing?

Our new puppet team of orphans is doing fantastic! Every single day , we meet for training with them. They are faithful and enthusiastic. Their first show is the Sunday after we leave on Saturday. A local church is having a big celebration and they will be a part of it.

We have received $930 toward our transportation project for the team. We need 2000 dollars to fund their travel expenses after we leave.

They will be sharing at churches that teach the children that they can be good enough for God. They will tell them the truth. They will be in villages bound by the darkness of witchdoctors and witches. They will be light.

Would you please bless these young people? They are so happy to share the hope they have found in Jesus. Will you help them?

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Leslie, Drake,
And Our Friends at The Hope Center