Dearest Friends,

So Small

Our last day took us to 3 places. One was a children’s hospital in Migori. The children suffered with many things, including severe malnutrition, cerebral palsy, and a variety of birth defects. Some of the children were carried into the room. I met one little girl who was four years old and honestly the size of a nine month old baby. I do not know what happened, just that she was starved for years. It is so hard to see so much of what we see. I am so comforted by my late night conversations with the Father.

I often think of heaven and I remember one little boy I met maybe 20 years ago in Ukraine. He was at an orphanage. It was a terrible place. Somehow , he was not focused on his surroundings. He had no legs. They appeared to have not grown fully, though I never knew the reason. He pushed himself along on a 4 wheel cart; something like a mechanic might use. AsHe sped past me, he looked up and smiled at me, a most wonderful smile! He said, “When I am in heaven, I will run!” His deep trust in the Father still encourages and comforts me!

We did a show for the children at the hospital that day in Kenya. Some felt that the children were so mentally handicapped by their illnesses that they could not understand the Gospel, but I have always felt that we do not know what children with such disabilities do and don’t understand. I have done many shows for children like this. I love doing them! We changed many things in our program to make it the best for them. They loved it! The staff was so grateful we came. I was more grateful that they asked us to come. I believe they heard the message of hope, of Jesus!

A Field of Red Mud

The first show of the morning was literally in a field of red mud! It was not an ideal spot, but we tried to make the best of it. We were given over 400 children and they were crazy. A kind teacher helped us get everyone under control. I heard a precious few praying in the softest whispers, but I have big hopes that more of the children trusted in Him!

The Big Finish

Our last show of the day was at another orphanage. It was literally on top of a mountain. It was a wonderful place, where the children lived in a group of homes , like families. We had to use a four wheel vehicle to move us and then the equipment to the top.

There is a special joy in sharing with orphans. They understand so well their need for a Father. They want a rescue!


We arrived home Friday night after 2 days of travel. I am missing Josh, Teresa, Daniel and Evangeline’s company. I am finding it hard to adjust to my blessings. Presently, I am overwhelmed by working electricity, running water, working bathrooms, hot showers and so many food choices.

We all came home exhausted and supremely happy! Our deepest thanks go to Bethany Griggs for an incredible adventure and for many life changing moments. We heard thousands of children praying! You can meet her at the 30th Anniversary Celebration here on August 31st.

Please continue to pray for The Hope Center and our new puppet team. I will tell you more about them in our next email.

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey.Leslie, Drake, Josh, Teresa.Daniel,Evangeline and our Friends at The Hope Center