Dearest Friends,

Save The Date!

The photo above is from 30 years ago! We were all so young. Those
“little “ boys are now 40,41, and 42. Mike is with the Lord and I am 65. 30 years is a long time to tell children about Jesus. God has kindly given us too many blessings to count!

On August 31st, you are all invited to help us celebrate 30 years of seeing children, teenagers and adults come to Jesus! Join us at our home in North Georgia. The address is on our website. Arrive between 10 and 11. There will be a worship service under a great big tent starting at 11. We have friends coming in from all over the world! Be one of them! Then, friends from Subligna Baptist are catering lunch. Please join us!

15,000 Blessings

We have incredible news. A group of friends has pledged 15,000 dollars. During the month of June, if you give a gift, they will use these funds to match your gift. So if you give 500 dollars, it is really 1000 dollars. Awesome!

We need your help! We have many shows scheduled this summer that will impact inner-city children in Baltimore and Philadelphia, as well as rural Tennessee. We have also just received a request to take equipment to a new team in Verona, Italy. Amazing! Any funds that are left will be used put toward a fall trip to India where we will equip 50 storytellers. These funds will be used for the above-mentioned projects.

Please send me an email and let me know how you would like to help. Thank you for helping us tell so many children about Jesus!

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey