Dearest Friends,

Happy !

“Happy” is not a common feeling for many children, unless they are watching the puppets. I count it a precious gift to have the opportunity to love children and show them kindness.

A little boy came up to me today after the show and said, “I don’t believe everything in the Bible.” I smiled and replied, “That’s okay, not everyone does.” He threw his arms around me and gave me a big hug. It was obvious that he expected a different response.

I have not always remembered to be gracious to people who disagree with me. I am glad that I had my eyes on Jesus today and spoke with His heart. I want to always remember to be patient and kind when I speak. I hope that I think of that little boy often and speak truth tempered with kindness.

The same boy came up to Kelsey and thanked her for the show. He was genuinely thankful. I wish you could have heard the depth of his gratitude.

We did 1 big and 1 small show today. We were with a lot of children. Please ask the Father to call all of these little ones to faith.

So They Can Remember

All of the children were offered a new children’s tract that we just designed. It is illustrated with my drawings. Kelsey did an incredible job of putting it together in a way that grabs a child’s attention. It is bright and colorful. More importantly, it is full of truth.

We hope that it reminds the children of what they heard in the program. It begins by telling them that they are a treasure to God. It says that He sees them and knows their names. This is the way we start every program.

When we leave and go home, they still have something in their hand that can point them to Jesus. Please ask the Father to use the hundreds of tracts that we have given away in the last two days.

In Jesus, Linda , Kelsey, Drake , and Leslie