Dearest Friends,

What Children Say

We finished our time in rural Tennessee with 5 shows in 2 days. It was wonderful! We all agreed that we loved every show ! More importantly, the children loved the shows.

I love what the children said to us after they watched a puppet show. The following is a list of some of the comments we heard over the last 2 days:

1. Will you please come back tomorrow?
2. Can you do it again?
3. Will you come back next year?
4. Can you just stay and never leave?
5. I love you!
6. Thank you for the puppet show.
7. I love the confetti cannon.
8. Big Bear is my favorite puppet.
9. I watched this show so many times when I was growing up. Now, I am one of the workers and I still love it. I kept every picture you drew and I still have them all!
10. Please don’t go!
We also received countless hugs and heard many children calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them. It was a beautiful time! We also made new friends at a small rural church and left so encouraged!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey,Leslie and Drake