Dearest Friends,

What Happened to The 2 Missing Balitmore Emails?

Perhaps, you noticed that numbers 2 and 3 were missing! Allow me to sum up those 2 missing emails. We had an easy drive through Virginia to Baltimore. All along the way, I felt that the Lord was ordering our steps. In fact, this felt like the best trip that we have ever had to Baltimore. The beginning was simply a sign of things to come. Our first show was the closing ceremony for Covenant of Grace’s VBS. The children and their parents were so responsive. It was truly everything that we hope for when we do this kind of program. On Sunday, we brought a long report during the Sunday School hour. I also shared some mission stories in church and we did a program for their children’s church. Covenant of Grace PCA is a long time friend of the puppet ministry and they always encourage our hearts. We are so grateful for Friends like Pastor Herb and his congregation who have poured love, prayers and support on us forever. We were also blessed to have 2 different dinners with some of our friends from that church.

Tim and Amy Baum hosted us in Baltimore this week , just like Jim and Suzzane Bookstaff did in Tennessee. They have all done this for us for many years. Both families provided us with comfortable, safe places to stay and spoiled us with good food and fellowship. They all treated us just like family. Ministry in both places would have been impossible without them!

I have had the joy of calling John and Li Maier, in Baltimore , my friends for over 25 years. Li scheduled so many shows for us , while John repaired a magic trick for us and carried countless boxes. They also fed us, loved us, and blessed us in so many ways!

We made new friends at some churches this year and visited with old friends at other churches. The picture above is from a summer church camp. I have rarely seen children enjoy a puppet show so much! I was especially happy when they prayed.

We are grateful! I hope as you have read this report, you have heard the joy of our grateful hearts. Tomorrow, Monday, we are headed for Philadelphia. Please start praying!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey,Drake, and Leslie