Dearest Friends,

The Helping Up Mission

Would you think that puppets would work with over 150 men , all of whom have at some point been living on the streets and suffer from various addictions? You are probably thinking that the only answer is a strong”No!”. God is so much bigger than what we can imagine. He can do so much more than we dream possum.

The men at the mission clapped enthusiastically for us. Some gave us a standing ovation. Others wanted an encore. The man in charge of the program said we did great because no one got up and left! I also was hugged and thanked profusely. Best of all, I heard men praying, asking Jesus to rescue them.

We have come to this place many times, but I believe we saw the biggest outpouring of God’s spirit last night that we have ever seen. It was beautiful!

The cross in the picture above is what greets you as you come in the door to the mission. It was made from the old floor in the first mission built in 18 ?? We were blessed! We are blessed! Please pray for these men!

In Jesus, Linda, Drake, Leslie, and Kelsey