Dearest Friends,

You Will Not Believe This!

We are traveling across Ireland with our Irish family, the band Reality. There are around 25 of us, counting the children. Last night, we were all doing a show on Grafton Street in downtown Dublin. The rain caused us to stop much too soon. We were only able to do one set. The band sang 3 songs and shared in between. We sang twice with the puppets, Drake and Kelsey did an illusion each and shared their testimonies, and I told a story. Then, it started to rain.

Perhaps, you are thinking that we went to a lot of effort for just one set. How could that make a difference? Remember, we never know what the Father is doing.

As we were packing, I was a block up the road as they brought equipment to the car I was watching. A man came over to me and enthusiastically shook my hand. He said, “That was a great show! I am Muslim, but I really liked it!” He heard stories and testimonies about Jesus from singing, puppets, and people. He heard that God has a rescue plan for him. It was worth it!

More, I shared Jesus with a German couple before the show started. Others also had good conversations. It is always worth it to hear the Father’s voice and follow Him!

Please pray for this man to not be able to stop thinking about Jesus. Please pray for our shows today as we will be on Wolf Square in Dublin. Please ask the Father to hold back the rain. Please ask Him to pour His spirit on all we do.

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Drake, Jolly, God”s Handiwork, and Reality