Dearest Friends,

Please Pray….

1. Today, while I was telling a story, a man began to yell things at me. Most of what he said, I could not understand, but one statement sounded loud and clear. I heard him say,”That stuff about Jesus is just a fairytale.” Would you please pray for this man? He has no hope and desperately needs a rescue.

2. Another young man from Moldova said very different things to me. 15 years ago he attended a training class that I did in Moldova. It was on this trip that I received news of Mike’s death. I did not remember him as so much of those early weeks after Mike’s death is still blurry. He kindly told me that it was okay that I did not remember him. He said,”I won’t forget you! You touched my life.I wanted you to know that.” He went on to lead the puppet team. Please ask the Father to bless this young man and open new doors for us to return to Moldova.

3. We shared with many children today, but it was the gypsy children who truly need your prayers. They tried their best to steal things. I saw their brokenness and their great need for Jesus. Please pray for them!

In Jesus,

Linda, Kelsey, Drake, Jolly, God’s Handiwork, and Reality.