Dearest Friends,

*The picture above is from a wall near a park in Zombie Land. You can read about that place below. It was simply not the kind of day where we could take good pictures
of the children.

Zombie Land

More than half of the city’s homeless population is now concentrated in Kensington ( known as Zombie Land) This sad reality is being driven by the opioid crisis. The area is a magnet for people in addiction because heroin is cheap and readily available. The police were everywhere… on horses, bicycles and in cars. Still, the
brokenness remains. As we were parking, there was a lady sitting on the street beside us using cocaine.

The children are stuck in the middle of all the sadness and terror. We set up in a park and did a show. Many people listened around the edges, standing on nearby street corners. A good crowd of children, some parents, and an older lady gathered in the park. They loved it! By God’s grace, we were a bright light in the dark. We gave away Jesus Storybook Bibles in Spanish and books in English titled “40 Reasons To Trust God”. We also gave away lots of our new tracts.

Please pray for this place. Pray for the children. Ask the Father to motivate the children and adults to read the things we gave them. Even the older lady that came asked for a book.

The Steps

In another bad place, the children gathered on the steps of 2 houses to listen to a story of wonders, a story of hope, a story about Jesus. The spot had lots of garbage bags and an overflowing storm drain. It smelled. The kids were surrounded by cursing, abuses of many kinds, and light.

I heard one little one praying softly. This is a very hard place! Cover it with prayer!

A Park

We did one show at a park recreation center and were only bothered by overgrown shrubbery and an enthusiastic bee. This show was special because many of the children came and asked me for tracts for their parents. They were concerned that their parents here the hope they had heard!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Leslie, and Drake