Dearest Friends,

A Really Hard Place

On Thursday, we were in a city in New Jersey that is plagued by urban blight, poverty, and gang-related drug
violence. It is a dark place. We were at a summer camp and the person in charge belittled the children and made them cry. She was so very unkind, calling them “Little People” and never using their names. Even now as I think about what I saw her do, it makes me cry. Children should never be treated like that.

The person in charge was simply a bully. She hurt one little girl so badly with her yelling and threats that she began to weep. The little girl cowered out of reach, shaking with sobs. Kelsey and I were finally able to calm her down. I gave her my hand and hugged her. Kelsey spent time with her and talked to her so tenderly. Please pray for her. The Father knows her name.

Her bad behavior created a beautiful opportunity for us to show the children the love of Jesus that lives in us. When we finished the show, I was hugged and thanked by so many children. They ached for kind words, but all I heard was a lot of yelling. She screamed at them to shut up. Our hearts broke for them.

Their leader said she had never seen them listen so well. I think they were simply hungry to hear the stories of Jesus. We were not allowed to pray with them, but I explained God’s rescue plan clearly. I even told them what to pray if they wanted to know Jesus. More, we were blessed to give each child one of our new tracts. Cover them with your prayers. Ask the Father to rescue the lady in charge or remove her. They need someone who loves Jesus to take care of them.

A School For Refugees

The Logan School was originally begun to reach out to the neighborhood refugees, most of whom were from Cambodia. Now, there are children there from many different backgrounds. It was a special opportunity to share with children that we normally have no opportunity to reach. It was a joy to see their joy!

The Park

There are small parks all over Philadelphia. We set up in one in a mostly Spanish neighborhood under the shade of some trees. The children are not in a safe place as drug deals are common there.

Mario is a dear friend that we have worked with for years in Philadelphia. He calls this area home. We had a great crowd of children and parents because he walked all over the neighborhood , ignoring the heat, inviting them.

I heard the softest prayers. We gave away Spanish Jesus Storybook Bibles and English children’s books to others. The children had a glorious time and loved everything we did. Please keep praying for them!


We are starting home today. Please pray for traveling mercy! I still have more stories to share with you!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Drake, and Leslie