Dearest Friends,

I Love India !

It has been years since I have been here and I find that in my heart there is a fresh passion for this place. My friend Stephen met me at the airport. As soon as I saw his smiling face, I felt like I was home and safe. We have had so many adventures together in the past and I find that I am longing for more stories.

I have spent the last few days seeing many old friends and catching up on all that the Lord has been doing in their lives. Truly the Father has been doing some incredible things in this place! They are surrounded by Hindu temples, but this place is a bright light in a sea of darkness.

I am seeing many opportunities and great needs. This is a difficult time for believers in India and it is a joy to have the opportunity to encourage them. This morning, I shared at lovely church. I told mission stories to the congregation and also shared with a women’s group. Above, you will see a praise song that was displayed in 3 languages. We actually sang praises in 4 different languages, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and English. Awesome!

Today, I begin teaching a 3 hour class. I will be teaching 3 hours a day every day for 5 days. I am training children’s workers and then equipping 25 storytellers.The bags are already assembled. Each contains over 200 dollars worth of equipment. These friends will spread out across India and tell the children about God’s beautiful rescue plan!

I will also be doing puppet shows, speaking at chapel and several other things. Please cover me with prayer.

In Jesus, Linda