Dearest Friends,

Merry Christmas!

In Lebanon, we work with a precious group of friends at Salt and Life Ministry. My friend Georgiana sent me the following story. The girl in it is pictured above. Please help us make this a Merry Christmas for this young girl and the rest of the children at the center. Send me an email and I will tell you how to give so that together we can bless these children.

Here is the story Georgiana wrote:

In the Syrian educational center, we have over 150 children that need attention and care, but more than everything else, they need Jesus and the eternal life.

It was a few weeks ago when Duwa came to me asking to talk. She is 14 and totally in love with this 19 year old boy that promised her the moon, as I was about to find the very same day.

“I love him! “, she said. She looked so convinced that he was the one and she told me they kissed. She wanted to ask if it was right or not. Then, we had a very long discussion about a relationship between a boy and a girl in God’s eyes. We agreed to pray about it. I kept talking to her in the weeks that followed until one day she came to me almost crying. She told me that this "extraordinary" boy did not want her any more. As we had talked in the past , I had advised her to not let him touch her and she listened.

"When he told me that he doesn’t want to be my boyfriend anymore I decided to kill myself. “, Duwa said. I went to the third floor and I tried to jump, but my aunt stopped me.” Duwa said.

While I was shocked, she was disappointed for not successfully managing to finish what she began.

A long conversation happened that morning. We talked yesterday about life and death, about sin, pain and the future. She understood what she has almost done and she admitted that it was wrong and sinful.

"I will never try to do this again!" she said as she started to be more rational and think more clear in the light of God’s word.

Why this story?

So that you can understand the needs of these children. These children need guidance and believers around them to help them understand what their parents never talk about. If her father would have known the whole story, then it would be very probable that he would have committed the "honor crime".

We want eternal life for this children and God cares about them. Let’s love on them together and show them that God’s children care for them. Many of these children have believed in Jesus.

Pray for Duwa and her family! Please pray for wisdom for all of us as we seek to serve these children.

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As I write these words, I am in Germany headed to India. I am traveling alone, but never alone. Please pray for blessing as I go through customs.

In Jesus,

Linda and Kelsey