Dearest Friends,

Amazing Students!

The funny picture above are some of my students! We use the hats at the start of the puppet show. The children really liked them , but I think my seminary students loved them more. They really liked them!

My class has students from all over India, Myanmar and even Bahrain in the Middle East. They have great passion for reaching their children for Jesus. They are willing to do whatever it takes so that the children they serve can hear about Jesus.

This is not an easy time to follow Jesus with passion in India. Still, they are willing. I have 25 bags of equipment that I want to place with them. I wish I had more because they are all so enthusiastic.

Please pray for my class, the puppet shows, speaking at chapel, and other things I am doing. I really miss Kelsey ! She is at home working. Please pray for her.

Where Am I ?

I am in an incredible place! My dear friends have worked for over 40 years to build an amazing school, seminary, orphanage and more. These friends have deep passion for Jesus. Their lives are marked by service and compassion. With my whole heart, I recommend this work to you!

If you are interested in being a part of what they are doing to reach India and the world for Jesus, please email me and I will connect you. Due to security concerns, I can not post their details.

In Jesus, Linda