Dearest Friends,

Absolutely Amazing!

Look at the size of that crowd! I was stunned! You are only seeing a part of the children that came to a puppet show we did yesterday. My phone was unable to adequately photograph the event. This show was followed by a second show in the same place. Most were Hindu children. We were able to share with around 3,000 children on Wednesday.

More amazing than the numbers of children that the Father sent us was a Hindu teacher’s response to the program. She was tasked with thanking us. Then, she asked all of the children a question. She was reviewing what was in the program. She asked , “Who do we trust?” The children answered loud and strong, “Jesus!” It was absolutely amazing! I also heard that many of the teachers were shocked at how well the children listened. There were so many children and not one discipline problem! This was clearly God’s Holy Spirit pouring out on these children so that they could listen.

I am so proud of my new Indian puppeteers. That was the first 2 shows they had ever done and they did great! We had so mweany problems that had to solve in order to do the show. Unbeknownst to me, the stage was broken very badly. The young people prayed , used a lot of duct tape, and spent a long time on the phone getting advice from Kelsey. In the end, we had a stage. God is kind to us!

Please pray for all of these children who heard about how they can trust in Jesus. They are wonderfully in a place where they can hear more about Him! This enormous school is run by Christians. It is only one of many things that my friends here do to share the love of Jesus. Pray for this place!

In Jesus, Linda