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Dearest Friends,


I went to India expecting only to teach the students at the seminary and Bible college where I was working. Though God opened many other doors and gave me unexpected opportunities, teaching the students will remain one of the greatest blessings of my life. I saw enormous passion in them as they did their best to listen and learn what was presented.

More, I saw many of them experience heart changes in their attitudes toward working with children. Many students talked with me and told me before they had the class, they had no real desire to work with children themselves. They came because they needed so many field activity credits for seminary and my class counted toward that number.

However, God surprised them with a deep love for the children. As I told them stories of children that we work with around the world, they began to see the children of India differently. They became to understand one of the most important things that they can do in their churches is to have an effective children’s ministry. The joy they experienced in their discovery was a beautiful thing to watch. I left India with an enormous desire to come back and teach them more.

Please pray for all of my students that they will continue to look for creative ways to tell children about Jesus. There are 472 million children in India, which is 39% of India’s total population. Twenty nine per cent of that figure are children ages 0 through 6. The opportunities for them are extraordinary!

In Jesus,Linda