Dearest Friends,

Two Shows
Don’t you love this photo! You can see every expression from bewilderment to joy. This picture is from our our second show. We climbed 4 stories and did a show for 400 children at a Catholic school.

They loved it! Even the teachers and principal loved it and offered to help us schedule more shows next year. Amazing! The best part of this adventure was hearing so many children praying out loud as they called on Jesus to rescue them.

Our first show was at a very different school. The children sat on the ground in the dirt. Still, they were focused on the story about Jesus that I told them. They also loved the show! We heard so much laughter and saw so many smiles. Again, the Father kindly called children to Himself. We heard them praying! So sweet!

Please continue to pray for all of these children. In each place, there are true believers who can help the children learn more about Him.

So Sweet!
A young man who had been helping me on the puppet team told me something wonderful after our first show. He said that he had not been interested in working with children before we met. At the puppet show, he had shared a testimony using a glove and a story from Brazil that I taught him. He saw their eyes light up and saw the way they listened. He heard them calling on Jesus! God changed his heart. He was so amazed and so excited to discover the wonder of telling children about Jesus. Several other students expressed the same discovery. This has been an incredible experience!

Safe Home
As my friends from Northern Ireland say, please pray me “safe home”. I am leaving to go to the airport late Sunday night and will get home on Monday afternoon. Thank you for all of your prayers! I have 2 more emails about India that I will share with you! There are more stories to tell!

In Jesus, Linda