A Most Glorious Wedding

On March 7th, so many friends and family gathered to see Drake and Kelsey marry. It was a most glorious wedding! Every part of it lifted up Jesus and His gift of love to them, to all of us. People came from different states and even from Europe to celebrate this very special day. All of us have since marveled that a week later our joyous celebration would have not been possible as the world turned upside down just 7 days later.

I have a humble request. Please consider Drake and Kelsey’s present difficulty as you pray. Can you imagine trying to raise support during this time? Churches are not meeting and dinner meetings are not possible.

As I was praying about this difficulty, the Father gave me an idea. They need exactly 136 individuals and / or groups at 25 dollars a month so that they can return to working with me. Presently, Drake is working at Walmart to pay their bills. As soon as the Lord reopens the global and US doors, I will really need them. I miss them every day!

My thought was to do an email about their wedding and ask for you to give them a wedding blessing. First, please pray over this need. Ask the Father to give us the 136 individuals and/ or groups that are needed.

I know this is an incredibly difficult financial time for many. However, many Sunday School classes are quite large and meeting over the internet. As a group, you could cover a 25 dollar spot. I know that this is a big request, but I know it is possible. Please bless them with their heart’s desire and send them out to serve the children of the world! If you wish to help with this need, please respond to this email with your decision.

The following message is from Drake and Kelsey:

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support that you have already shown us. We feel incredibly blessed and loved. We are honored to have this opportunity to trust God to help us raise our support during this time and we are honored to have the opportunity to tell the children of the world about the good news.

This is not the way that we would have chosen to spend these weeks, but thankfully God is in charge. We do not have to worry during this time because we know that God’s plan is always perfect.

We do ask that you would pray for us during this time. We have a desire and a calling to work with and serve children around the world. We are looking forward to the day that we get to be with the children and tell them about God’s beautiful rescue plan for their lives. We just ask that you would help us do that. Please pray and seek God’s will in this decision.

We are praying for you all, as we know that this is a crazy time. We can never thank you all enough. We are eternally grateful.

In Jesus,

Linda, Drake, and Kelsey