Dearest Friends,

Puppet People… in Northern Italy

All over the world, we have so many friends, family, that are struggling like Drake, Kelsey and I are struggling. We all want to be doing puppet shows, telling children not to be afraid and to put their trust in the storm calmer, Jesus Christ. However, just like in America, they are confined to their houses.

The picture above is from Northern Italy. Our lead directors, Fabiana and Gerson Simioni, live in a small village where they have been confined to their home for a very long time. They put this sign and others on their second story so that many people in the village could see. What a great idea!

They have used their time to make many new puppets and to develop new stories. You can click on the following link and enjoy a new story that they just recorded and sent out to many children. Fabiana is one of the best story tellers I have ever known! It is so much fun to watch even if you do not speak Italian!

Puppet People…. in Northern Ireland

We have been working with Sam Shaw in Northern Ireland for over 20 years. He is absolutely the best juggler I have ever seen. He is brilliant at using this skill to tell children about Jesus! He is also a great storyteller. He and his wife and children are also confined to their house. Please click on the following links and enjoy a taste of their wonderful work.

Puppet People… in Africa

In Cameroon…. Please pray for our director, Pastor Wilson and his wife who buried their 11 year old son the other day. Our hearts are breaking for them! Please pray for them!

In South Africa… Even before this terrible pandemic, things were very difficult in South Africa. They have a 40 percent unemployment rate with a large part of their population suffering from tuberculosis and HIV. There is great poverty. Blom and Rina are our directors there. He is a doctor, a very dear and sacrificial man, who needs your constant prayers for protection. Rina is one of the kindest souls I have ever known. Rina wrote me that she keeps singing the words to Habakuk 3:18. Let us join her in rejoicing in the Lord. She has done many acts of service during this time, but is presently making food parcels for the poor. Ask the Lord to stretch her supplies as He once multiplied fish and bread!

In Burkino Faso… This team shares with tens of thousands of children every year. They work in the roughest places in the midst of poverty that you can not imagine.

Sadly, our lead Director, Didier, buried his dear wife this year. He has 2 small children to watch after and comfort. If you find it difficult to be confined to your home, consider what it is like for them. If they get sick, there is no good hospital waiting to help them. Please pray for comfort and safety for this very brave man.

A Hard Time

Yes, it is a difficult time for all of us, but let us use this time to focus our prayers and touch the world for Jesus! Look for every opportunity to show kindness. Be creative in finding ways to tell people about Jesus. Don’t forget that we are blessed so that we may bless others!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey and Drake