Dearest friends,

Many years ago, I fell in love with the following quote: “Let my heart break with the things that break the heart of God.” I thought about that quote as I looked at the picture of the little girl standing in the snow with no shoes. She has nothing on her legs and looks so very cold! It is our honor to be a part of making little ones like this girl warm and well fed. Even though so many children are suffering in Lebanon from cold and hunger, their greatest need remains hearing about the good news of God’s wonderful rescue plan. I promise you that as we provide food and medicines and anything else we are able to give to these children and their families, my friends will do everything they can to tell them about Jesus Christ.

You have been very generous in helping meet the need for this $7000 outreach. We still need a little over $3000 to meet our goal. So that you can better understand the cost of food in Lebanon, let me tell you about a bag of rice. A single bag of rice weighs 1 kilogram (2.205 lbs) and costs a little over $6. Before Lebanon’s economic problems and the worldwide pandemic, rice was one of the cheapest staples that you could buy. That is no longer the case. Our brothers and sisters, and many that we hope to see come to faith, have very simple needs. Please pray and ask the Father if you are supposed to be a part of helping meet these needs.

If you wish to give, you can send a check made out to The Agape Puppets to 6550 West Armuchee Road Summerville, GA 30747. You can also give by going to the website, and clicking on the donate button. Thank you for your prayers and generosity.

In Jesus,

Linda and Danielle