Dearest Friends,

Glory to God!

The Father answered all of our prayers when He opened the door for us to go to a school. This is not normally allowed, so this opportunity was very special! You will need to look at the top three pictures combined to see the size of the crowd. We were very humbled that the Lord gave us this privilege.

Though we were not permitted to pray with the children, we were allowed to tell them how to pray. Every child and every teacher left our program knowing about God’s great rescue plan for them. More, the Muslim principal was very pleased with our show and invited us to come again. The door also remains open for our new team. Please pray for all of these children and for God to grow faith in their hearts.

Our New Albanian Team

My heart sings with joy when I think about the young people and adults who came and trained with us. In addition to coming to shows, they came for eight hours of specialized training. They have true passion, and great joy for this work, and I know that they will bless tens of thousands of Albanian children. We hope to take part of them with us to plant a new team in Kosovo next September. Please pray for them and ask God to help them quickly feel confident to schedule a show so that they can begin their ministry.

The Elder Breakfast

All three of us shared at a breakfast that the church planned for the elder members of their community. Some knew the Lord, but many did not. It always amazes me that people who are surely nearing the end of their lives do not feel the need to examine the realities of heaven.

You will see a picture of me standing with a lovely lady who attended the breakfast. She was the first person in this town to put her trust in Jesus. How incredible! The Gospel has so long been heard in the places where most of us reading this email live, that we cannot imagine meeting such a person. Please pray for all of the people who were at the breakfast and ask God to reveal Himself to them.

In Jesus,

Linda, Sam, and Danielle