Dearest Friends,

On New Year’s Eve, my mother walked into eternity. I am very sad, but I know that my mother is experiencing joy like she has never known before. From the time I was a little girl, my mother made sure that I knew about Jesus and how much He loved me. It is not surprising that I came to faith as a five-year-old child because of my mother’s influence.

I often tell people that my mother told me, and I told millions. She is a part of all that blessing now as she stands before the Father. I loved her so very very much, and I desperately grieve her passing, but I have all confidence that I will see her again!.

God was very kind to me. I asked Him that I would not be alone when and that I would not be overseas when she went home. He answered both my prayers. I would ask you to pray for my family as we seek to honor her home going with a Celebration of Life service in Atlanta on February 5th. Thank you for praying for all of us.

In Jesus,