Dearest Friends,

Christmas Spectacular!

Years ago I was given an opportunity to do a program for hundreds of children that most people do not get the chance to share with. It was a Christmas show. However, they wanted a name for the show. I do not name my puppet shows, so I did not have an answer to give them. I prayed and decided to name it Christmas Spectacular. I thought it sounded good!

For many years, we have been sharing with this same group of children and others like them. Because of Covid, we were unable to do our Christmas Spectacular shows last year. However, everything changed this Christmas! We shared with other 750 children! As you can see from the pictures above, we do our very best to present an over-the-top show. As always, the story of Jesus and how to know Him was at the heart of our program! The programs were very well received, and the doors remain open for us to go back next year. Above you see the puppet team in funny costumes and Christmas glasses. I am so proud of every one of them, and blessed at the way they are serving God!

For almost 40 years, I have been doing free Christmas tours at my house. I live in an old farmhouse in the country, and I love to decorate. Christmas is my favorite time of year! The manger scene pictured above is in my front yard. I had such sweet opportunities to share with hundreds of people the real story of Christmas. I heard some children in my living room calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them.

I received kind and thoughtful gifts this Christmas, but a little three year old boy especially touched my heart. He bought my gift with his own money and wrapped it himself. He put his gift inside a piece of red tissue paper and turned it into a ball. I received a giant red balloon! His gift was a reminder to me to always give from the heart. In truth, we have one opportunity to be kind. Every time I think about my red balloon, I am reminded to be kind and thoughtful. I encourage each one of you, as I encourage myself, to look for opportunities in this new year to be light and hope for all of the children and adults that God places in our lives. Our Father gives us a unique opportunity to share His love!

In Jesus,

Linda, Danielle, John James, Elli, Jana, and Caleb