Dearest Friends,

A Surprisingly Covid


I am in a small village, Solagna, near the mountains in the north of Italy. Not too far away there is a place that uses giant stones like the ones in the picture to make olive oil since 1926. This small village is home to Fabiana and Gerson Simioni, our lead Italian directors. It is a beautiful place!

Above you also see a picture of a near-by Catholic Church. Fabiana and Gerson did a Christmas show here and were very well received. The Father is opening beautiful doors for them!

Covid has turned all of our lives upside down . Recently, a Catholic priest in this area told his congregation something that really surprised them! He said,” Because of Covid, I will no longer be able to meet with you and forgive your sins. Now you must talk directly to God and ask him to forgive you.” One of his members shared this story because she was so upset. My friends encouraged her that this is not really a problem but a blessing.

This is a very difficult place to work, but still the Lord is doing wonderful things. Please pray for Ágape Italia who are pictured above. Ask the Father to throw open doors for them and call many children to faith!

In Jesus, Linda