Dearest Friends,

Ukraine’s Hope

“Так бо Бог полюбив світ, що дав Сина Свого Однородженого, щоб кожен, хто вірує в Нього, не згинув, але мав життя вічне.”

These are the words of John 3:16 in Ukrainian. This is the hope of Ukraine.

Pray For Ukraine!

I am sure that by now you are all aware of what has happened in Ukraine. Above, you see the smiling faces of Ukrainian children. These photos were taken a few years ago on my last trip there. All of these precious little ones are in peril. I am trying to find a way to help Ukrainian refugees and will let you know what we can do as soon as I have an answer. Please pray for Ukraine! Most of Ukraine does not have faith. Many have been taught to trust in their own goodness. There are a significant number of Ukrainians who believe in nothing, who deny God’s existence. Terrible times make people’s hearts tender to the Gospel. Pray that the Lord would use this war to call Ukraine to Himself. I love Ukraine! It’s people are dear to me, and they are counting on us to pray for them. Please do not fail the Ukrainian children!!!

In Jesus, Linda