Dearest Friends,


We are in the North West of Brazil in the city of Olinda after two full days of travel, including four airplane flights and four long car trips, we are finally settled, for three days, and doing what we love to do. We are telling children about Jesus!

Valley of the Savior

This morning we heard the sweetest sound, children at an orphanage asking God to be their Father and Jesus to be their Savior. However, Valley of the Savior is more than an orphanage. Once they had 76 children living there and then, they began to realize that most of these children were not true orphans. Many had broken families that could be mended with faith. Now 66 of the children are back with their parents and supported through a variety of programs that help their families stay together.

Today, I bought a doll from a mother who had been beaten by her husband. Another part of the ministry of the Valley of the Savior is to train these very hurt moms, and give them job skills, and hopefully faith in Jesus Christ. Many of us bought small things that they had made. This was there first sale and such a confidence builder!

A Private School

Our second show was for hundreds of children at a private school and it was very difficult. They were loud, poorly behaved, and the teachers were very little help. Then a storm came up, scattering some of the children and soaking some of our equipment. It would be easy to be discouraged and think they did not listen, but in every storm God always sends a blessing. One little boy came up to me afterwards and said, ¨ Thank you verymuch for the story¨ He was listening! Then, while the rest of the team walked back to the house Faby, Gerson and I waited for the van to pick up the equipment.

So many children came by to see us, thanked us and gave me hugs. One little boy begged, ¨When will you come again?¨ Our hearts were so encouraged. Even the director of the school came by to thank us again for coming. Our sadness melted away as the children gave us smiles and greetings. One boy said, ¨Congratulations on your show¨. They were all very excited and we realized that many of them had been listening. Please pray for the school shows that we are doing. Ask the Lord to help the children listen! For our part, we must pray more.

Catholicism and Voodoo

In a day and a half, we will drive to the interior of this state and work with a ministry called Water in the Desert. It is a particularily dark place for the Gospel with only 1% of the population confessing Christ as Savior. They practice a mixture of Catholicism and a Voodoo type religion. It involves animal sacrifices, mediums and lots of superstition.

Near where we will be doing puppet shows for the children, people carry rocks on their heads for miles to gain forgiveness for their sins. They placed them at the foot of a giant statue, desperate to recieve what only Jesus can give. Please start praying now for this place.

Interesting Brazil

Today we ate ¨Pitomba,¨a hard shelled fruit about the size or a grape, it was delicious. Last night we were warned not to swim in the waters of the coast of Recife, since we would be devoured by sharks. This morning we watched two little boys grab the underneath of the truck in front of as and ride to school. Last night, we statues in front of an office building that was placed their to ward of evils spirits.

Please hold us in your prayers, please pray for the children of Brazil to hear Jesus.

In Christ,

Linda for