Dearest Friends,

Olinda is a very old city. Around 400 years ago, the Dutch founded the city and the architecture and the cobblestone streets are incredible. They took us to the highest hill in the old city and showed us such wonderful sights. We saw the beauty of the deep green ocean against snow white beach. However, one place made all of us very sad. We were reminded again of the effects of sin in this world. They showed us a wonderful old carved cross in a plaza. Once, slaves were chained together in that place, forced to be the labor that built the city. It was a place of great suffering. Always we remember that there is no hurt Jesus can not heal, especially old, deep hurts.

New Puppet Teams
This trip, we are partnering with Brazillian national church leaders in the Norhtwest. This afternoon and evening, Igreja Presbiteriana em Peixinhos, in the town of Olinda, hosted a training seminar. People came from many different churches and even other ministries to learn how to use chalk, puppets, juggling, and balloons to share Jesus with children.

Our friends from the orphanage ministry yesterday, Valley of the Savior, brought their staff for training. They were so excited about the idea of starting a puppet ministry. Their enthusiasm was a blessing to us!

Brazillian Hospitality
Everyone has been so kind to us. They go out of their way to take care of us, crowding into a smaller space to make room for us. The homes do not have plumbing for hot water, but we are warmed by their friendship.

One pastor, where we are going tomorrow, sent word that he was so greatful to God for sending rain. For years, they have had a drought and little food. He was so happy because now they had plenty and could feed us. We were more concerned for their years of hunger, but they were more worried about us.

Tonight, we all enjoyed a birthday party. The guest of honor did not even know us, but she included us as friends of her friend.

Please pray for us as we travel to the interior of this state tomorrow. There is great darkness there, with less than 1% of people claiming to believe in Jesus. The practice a mixture of Catholism and a voodoo type religion. Please ask God to open doors.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam Shaw
Hadia Jackson
Lisa Roerdink
Gerson Simioni
Faby Mendes
Silvana Simioni