Dearest Friends,

A Child´s Thank-You
We had a wonderful day! Our first program was at a new church where the children are very poor. They have many needs, but today many of the children trusted Jesus to meet their needs. One little boy was so excited that he wanted to give me a personal thank-you. This is what he wrote: (originally in Portugeese)
A is for love
P is for passion
C is for gentleness
C is for heart
If I live,
What do I live for.
I just want to say,
I love you.

Pray for Eltom to grow deep in his new faith.

Another Thank-You
We were staying with a Brazillian missionary. His daughter, Susana wrote a note to all of us: "I thank God for having you in my house. For me, it was a great pleasure. It was really nice meeting brothers and sisters that are part of God´s people." Her father also gave all of us shoes (flip-flops) and quoted the verse about how beautiful are the feet of those who spread the gospel.

A Special Show
The rain poured down for hours and we could not go to the plaza as planned. Instead, we met with the children in a covered area at a near by shcool. It continued to rain, but even in the rain, the children walked to the show. One lady came late, navigating dark streets with a crutch. When did any of us ever try so hard to come to church?

Six boys from the street came to the show. So many prayed tonight and many promised to come again and hear more stories about Jesus.

The area where they live has a such big problem with drugs, police men are stationed at the school gates to stop the children from being approached by drug dealers.

Afterwards, the children gathered around us and thanked us. They hugged us and they loved us. We are rich!

Prayer Requests

The thanks-yous that we received are also yours. As you prayed and gave for this work, we did it together. Please keep praying! Hadia has a spider bite and Faby and I both have colds. Please ask the Lord to guide us as we leave at 4:00am to travel to interior. Pray!

In Jesus,
Linda for the team
Sam Shaw & Assistant Director
Hadia Jackson
Lisa Roerdink
Gerson Simioni
Faby Mendes
Silvana Simioni