Dearest Friends,


Yesterday we went to the to the top of the mountain in Rio and saw the giant statue Christ the Redeemer with His arms outstretched to the city. We prayed,asking God to call many children to faith in Jesus. This morning in 3 shows at two different schools, we saw Jesus answer our prayers. We heard hundreds of children ask Jesus to be their Savior. Praise God!

The response of the teachers and the directors was amazing. Many of them were believers and thanked us again and again for the program. They told us repeadedly that these children really needed to hear this message. The gangs own this area, requiring people to pay protection and patroling the streets like vigilantes. The Pastors wife had to notify them of our coming. The children have seen murders, so much violence, and drugs are everywhere. When we told them that Jesus could take away their fear, they listened. One of the teachers was so touched by the Bible story and testimonies that she began to cry. When we started the morning, we had only one show, but word spread quickly and before long we had two other invitations and more people asking for tomrow. Keep praying! Your prayers open doors.

One little girl, about 11, was very concerened that the other children had not heard about Jesus in Brazil it is the world cup for soccer and on the day they play, many children take an unofficial holiday. She begged us to come again tomorow and tell the rest of them. Rarely have I seen a small child so concerend for her friends to hear about Jesus! We gave her the story that I had drawn and she was so happy! She promised to tell the other children. Please ask God to help her remember all of the story.

We recieved hundreds of hugs and kisses and were mobbed after each show by the children who just wanted to touch us,to thank us. The children from the first show went back to their rooms and returned with pictures and thank you notes. One little girl wrote, "Your story is in my heart. Thank you."


Yesterday we said good bye to our friends Fountain in the Desert, Pastor Neto and our new puppet team I always have words but not this time. We all wept becasue our hearts broke as we left them. They had become more than friends they were family!

We were showed with so man y smallgifts, many were hand made. These people are very poor but they gave to us. They fed us! They insisted on covering part of the cost of this outreach (feeding us) becasue they wanted to invest in the work. Months before we came the ladies baked bread and sold it, saving all of their money. Everyone tried to find a way to contribute.

They recieved the puppet equipment with a joy that surely mirrors the joy and wonder of heaven. Mike had planned to make this trip with me and I believe because he is with the Lord and knows the joy of heaven he is our only team memeber who really understands what I am trying to describe to you! This is a great blessing.

As we left our friend Bio´s house, he read to us the passage in Pilipians 1: 3-9 "How tenderly I love you, only Jesus can know." These words are also the words of our hearts.

God has given us more than we could have imagined! Pastor Neto challenged them to take responsibility for this mnistry. He said, "They will go back to Ireland and America but we must continue. We must finish." Please ask God to help this new team quickly learn their skills. Please ask Him to pour His Spirit on this work.


We are in a new place and now share a room with a Gecko. The place is at the foot of a mountain, outside the city and looks like the wild plant growth you expect to see in the amazon. We love it!

The mosqutos here also love Sam. Wherever we go, they find him!

My name means beautiful in Portugese and they keep telling me that I am beautiful. One lady asked if I was a model. The call me beautiful Linda, lindo Lindo. I love this country.

In Jesus.

Linda for