Dearest Friends,


The town we were in today is a suburb of Rio and the Mayor of Rio is a leader of the spiritalist church. There is even a spiritualist training center directly accross from the Pastor´s house where they offer a "systematic study of spiritualist principles."

Each area has its own colors and colors are very important here. The color for the Rio area is blue, but the Mayor changed all of the school uniforms in this town to orange, a spiritualist colour. The Christian parents refused to allow their children to wear this color. As we looked at the hundreds of children that gathered for the show, almost everyone was wearing orange. This is a reflection of how few Christians there are in this area.

Spiritualism teaches that you can talk to the dead and recieve power for your own life. Whatever you want, you can have. It is a form of Satan worship and honors everything that is evil. Most of the teachers at one our shows were spiritualists. Your prayers made a big difference!

At most shows, we hear children praying out loud, thanking God for sending Jesus and calling on Him to save them. However, in the darkest place with very unhappy teachers, the children shouted their prayers! We saw God´s great power to save! Most of the children at these shows were being raised by their grandparents as their parents are drug addicts. Pray for these children!


This is the sweetest team! Not once have they complained! Nothing changed their sweet spirit, not ice cold showers, beans and rice for every meal, heat, or sleepless nights. They have all had their eyes clearly focused on Jesus and the children, not themselves. The worse it was the more they smiled and laughed! I love Gerson, Faby, Lisa, Hadia and Sam!

In Jesus,

Linda for