Dearest Friends,

A Day at a Science Park
The Father heard your prayers! Today we heard more than 100 children calling on Jesus , asking God to be their Father. Our Pastor friend Peter was so happy with the response. It was not an easy show, both we and the national team that we were working with had many equipment problems. However, everyone kept smiling and just tried to sort out the problems.No one got upset. They all kept a sweet spirit.

All of these children are supported by World Vision, adopted by a family in America. They were all so curious about us and wanted to try out their English, but they did not always know what they said. A little boy ran up to me and said, "I love you, baby!" One little boy wanted to talk to us and told e that he was a Christian. He had prayed with us last year in a mountain school. Please pray for him to be a bright light for Jesus!

Tomorrow, Sunday, we will be at a mountain church and on Monday, we will begin to do programs at Buddhist schools. Please stand with us in prayer.
Love in Jesus,Linda for Sam, Heather, Mykayla, Jon, and Hannah