Dearest Friends,

The Power of God

"My soul makes its boast in the Lord; let the humble hear and be glad." Psalm 34:2
This morning we did a puppet show at a new Buddhist school. The children had a fantastic time, laughing and enjoying every part of the story. When we finished, the principal stood in front of the school and announced that the point of this story was love. Children corrected her and said, "No, Jesus."
We all felt like cheering!

A Teacher’s Question

When we finished the program at one school, a teacher came over to talk to me. She said that she had been touched by the story and liked it very much. "Are there more stories like the one you told?", she asked. When I told her that this was one of many stories about Jesus, she became excited.Then she told me something that broke my heart. She told me that she had never heard this story before.

What was the very unusual story that a university educated woman had never heard? I told a simple Bible story about Jesus, how he healed the sick, looked at people with eyes full of love, and with his words , calmed a storm. She touched her heart and told me that she felt it there as she listened.

I explained to the children and to the teachers how Jesus could change a life. Please pray for this dear teacher to come to faith. We went today and bought her a Bible so that she could read more stories and Pastor Peter and Melody will deliver it. They will do everything that they can to help her learn more about the "new story" that we pray will change her life.


At 2 later shows, more than a 1000 children heard about the promise that God made to man to send His Son to save us. They heard how He died and rose from the dead. This is a story that no other "religion" can claim.

Everyone of us felt and witnessed the spiritual attack at the school. It was the same last year when we went to this school. Please pray for us as this is a country with countless temples, thousands of idols, and much demonic activity. Sam and Heather are sick with very bad colds and some of the team have stomach concerns. I begin every morning feeling well rested and ready to go. By the time we finish the first story, I am exhausted, so much more than I would normally experience. This is a very dark place and we need you to pray if we are to stand in the dark.

Love in Jesus, Linda for the team
Sam,Jon,Mykayla,Heather, and Hannah
Peter and Melody