Dearest Friends,


"In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness." John 1:4-5

Pastor Peter and I were talking today. We are both so amazed and delighted by all we see the Father doing with the children, that though we see it happening, we struggle to describe it even with each other. He said, "Each year , we have more and more freedom."

This is our 4th trip to Taiwan and God seems to be throwing open the doors. There was one break in our schedule on Saturday that we needed to fill and 2 different groups begged for the space. Now, we are trying to find a way to do both.
Already , people are asking when we will return, not just Christians, but mostly public schools. They are so happy with the program. Today, more than 700 children heard about Jesus Christ and yesterday, more than 1200 children and teachers came to the puppet shows. How can I describe to you the joy of the children, their laughter, their wonder at the news of the Gospel!

These are some of the comments that we received today:
1."You have brought the message of God to this school."
2."My heart is warm from this story."
3."When will you come again?"
4."Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Christian teachers came and talked to me after one show. They said in watching all of us share so clearly and boldly, they had been encouraged to belive that they could do the same. Please pray for the believing teachers that we meet to be encouraged.


God is doing awesome things, but the enemy is not inactive. Our team really needs prayer for health and strength. Today, we took Sam and Heather to see a doctor and they have bronchitis. Mykayla’s stomach is making her life difficult, as she battles the constant feeling of nausea. Praise God that Hannah and Jon are well.
In spite of these problems, all are doing a wonderful job! Sam amazes the children as he juggles clubs and knives, telling them that they can know Jesus as their best friend. Heather is such a good puppeteer, making the puppets seem alive.

Mykayla is only five feet tall and chops a 1 inch pine board in half with her hand. Then, as the children are in awe of her "great strength", she explains to them that God is the strength of her heart and they really listen! Today, this was especially true.

Jon and Hannah are faithful friends, always willing to help with extra work when others feel bad. I am constantly blessed by their kindness.

A Hug

At a rural school today, a little girl waited after the program finished. Actually, she came and found me outside. She wanted just one thing…to say thank you and give me a hug! I also was given a beautiful smile. I felt like she had given me a great treasure. This treasure is yours too as you faithfully pray and through your prayers, give us the strength and vision we need to continue.

Tomoorow, we begin several days of ministry in the mountains. We are so happy!

In Jesus, Linda for all of us