Dearest Friends,

Big Stomach School

Honest, that is the name of the place that we visted yesterday and did a program. They were so excited for us to come as we were their first foreign visitors to come and do a program. They brought in the younger children from a dozen different schools and we had over 600 children at the show. This number did not include all of the older children who came to the show and stood at the back of the room because they wanted so desperately to be included. Their desire to see enabled them to hear all about Jesus.

This school places an emphasis on maintaining the history of the Hakka people, an unreached people group for the Gospel in Taiwan. The children did an amazing traditional Chinese puppets show, complete with live Chinese music that they played. It was a wonderful show lasting more than half a hour. One of the wonders of the day was that after sitting for more than an hour before we started our program, they listened. Everyone was pleased with their good behavior, but we knew that it was only the power of prayer.

The day was amazing, with even the teachers happy with the puppet show. In order to be allowed to come to this school(this was our first visit) , we had to promise to do not just songs with the puppets, but an actual puppet show. No problem as we do 12 minute puppet dramas all the time, but not in Chinese. Everyone was really praying. They translated one of American shows, superheroes, into Chinese. The team used the sound effects a markers so that they could find their places. You caannot imagine what what skill this performance required from the team. Praise God for the good job they did that opened the door for so many to hear about Jesus.

They were all so kind to us, giving us traditional Hakka scarfs as thank you presents. Many of the classes had their pictures made with us and we were photographed for a local newspaper.l

In fact, everyone was so excited, they asked us to come again next year and schedule 2 shows at their school so that we coulkd do programs for all of the children. Praise God! Remember, this is a Buddhist school and we are all so thankful for them allowing us to come.

Lunch with the Principal

Following the show at Big Stomach School, the principal took us to lunch. They placed a dozen different dishes on the table, with everyone needing a big stomach to eat so much good food. The food was great, but the best part of the meal was the conversation. The principal and the 2 teachers with him were all Buddhists and wanted to know why I was so driven to talk to chidren about Jesus and do these programs.

Their questions were a special gift to me from the Father. Though I do not always write about it, I am always thinking about Mike. I miss him every moment of every day. I knew that yesterday was 1 and a half years that he was home with Jesus. I asked the Lord to comfort me with a special opportunity to talk abot Jesus. Lunch was the Father’s gift.

They asked so many good questions and were clearly touched by the stories about the children around the world and Mike’s testimony. Truthfully, it is difficult to ignore or dismiss the testimony of a widow who clearly loved her husband and trusts in Jesus at a very difficult time. I understand this reality and am always asking the Lord to help me honor Him and our love story with the words that I speak. Please pray that the Gospel will grow in their hearts!

Interesting Things

Pork meatballs are one of the favorite things for people to eat. They are usually served in soup and are very traditional, but new flavors include strawberry. We have not seen this one, but we have eaten alot of fish balls in our soup. I read about something called Pig’s Blood Cake, but we ahve not eaten it. God is very kind to us.

Everywhere, we go, people stare at us because we are the only white faces that are there, with few exceptions.
You can also enjoy shaved ice in a variety of fruit flavors, topped with red beans or green beans.

Most small, family owned businesses all have a"god shelf" or a full altar in their store. We are surrounded by idols of every description.


If you want to see some pictures, click on this link

Yesterday has more stories, but there is no more time. Please pray!
In jEsus, Linda for Sam, Heather, Mykayla, Jon, Hannah, Peter, and Melody