Dearest Friends,

Power of God

We did a program for around 400 teenagers and they loved it! All of us could feel the power of God moving in that place. They laughed and clapped and even asked us for a copy of the music that we used. If teenagers who are not Christians like your music, it is amazing!
I was not allowed to pray with them, but I explained very carefully how they could pray and ask Jesus to be their Savior. They were listening so intently that I felt some must have come to know Him.
The principal who is Buddhist was also aware that something was happening. He did not understand the Holy Spirit of God, but he knew that the "one true God" that we had been talking about was clearly winning!
At the end of the program, he stood up and gave a 5 minute speech trying to minimize the spiritual damage that he had witnessed. He said, "This was a talk about love, love of country and love of self."
No one was listening! They had heard the truth and they would not believe a lie! God is awesome!

Sweetest Smelling Show
We drove deep into the country and into the mountains. The school was surrounded by fields of jasmine in full bloom and it smelled fantastic. This was a Hakka place and very spiritually dark. The Hakka people are Buddhists and they also worship their dead ancestors.
This was a very difficult show and all of could feel the darkness. It was still a privilege to share and we beg you to pray that these children will remember the truth. Ask God to send them His light!


1. Sharing Jesus’ love in Hakka places where Gospel is news
2. Sharing Jesus at a school right beside a Buddhist temple
3. Watching thousands of children laugh, smile, and enjoy the puppet shows
4. Seeing the looks of total amazement when Sam pulls out his knives to juggle
5. Climbing higher and higher in the mountains to reach another group of children
6. Hearing so many people tell me, "I’ve never heard that story before." And what was that very unusual story? I told them about Jesus and His miracles and how they could know Him.
7. Speaking with young teenage girls before a show and telling them a "love story". I told them Mike and mines’s story and how such great love was only possible because of the love we had for Jesus Christ. After the program, they all came to see me and thank me again for the story.
8. Sharing the Lord’s supper with Chinese and Phillipino brothers and sisters
9. Watching Sam stand up in church and share a praise report. He said, "When I go home to Ireland, my fiancée will come for a visit the next day." His smile gets bigger each day as the day grows closer!
10. Being humbled by the kindness of our dear friends in the mountains. They give us their best beds and when they cook for us, they always want us to eat first. Then,they eat.
11. Seeing an 8 by 10 color photograph of the puppet team on the front page of the newspaper. Such goo advertisement for the work with the children and paid for by Buddhists!
12. Sitting in a room built especially for prayer at a church high in the mountains. They had a world map covering most of one wall so that they could better pray for the people of the world to come to Jesus. I was amazed at their vision!
13. Watching Hannah, Jon , Mykayla , Heather , and Sam demonstrate a sweet spirit day after day, ignoring how they felt and focusing on the children.
14.Enjoying tea with our good friend Elder Wong and sharing hope with his good friend, the owner of the business
15. Doing 2 shows with children in mountain schools and hearing so many call on Jesus, asking Him to be their Savior
WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Jesus,Linda for the Team