Dearest Friends,

Chris and his Friend

Chris speaks wonderful English that he learned from watching the cartoon network. I first met him at a school and again last night at a street show. Like so many children in Moldova, his parents choose to leave the country and work. Throughout his childhood, they sent money, but were never home. They left when he was 2, placing him in the care of relatives, and returned the first time 4 years later to visit. Now, his parents come at different times , taking turns visiting him. He never has his family together.

So many parents here and everywhere think that children need more things, but in all these years of traveling throughout desperately poor places, no child has ever said to me, "I am poor". They have told me that they were lonely, sad ,and felt that no one loved them. Last night, Chris told me, "When you don’t have your mother, you have nothing."

My heart broke when I heard him say these words. My heart has broken so many times over the past 2 days. The children have such real needs! They ahve enough to eat, but most have homes that are so broken. They hunger for someone to love them.

Chris was so hungry for a family and found that family when he asked Jesus to be his Savior last night. God became His Father and now he belongs to Him. His friend has grown up with him and he also prayed last night with me. Please pray for these boys and ask God to shower them with His love. They are coming to another show this morning.

Lost Bags
They are still lost and you must pray or we never see 5 tubs of critical equipment and gifts for orphans. The situation has become very difficult and consumes much of our rest time as we seek to deal with this problem. Last night, 3 of went to bed after 2:30 in the morning as worked to send email letters to resolve this problem. Please pray!

Yesterday we had 4 street shows and did a training session. In a few minutes, we are leaving to do more shows, so you will have to wait to hear these wonderful stories.

Love in Jesus, Linda for all of us