Dearest Friends,


Yesterday morning, I told the story of Jonah. Two schools gathered and the crowed numbered hundreds. The Father gave me a sweet gift. Each year, Sam and I tell hundreds of stories, but sometimes we feel the Father’s pleasure. As I told this story, I felt His delight. He reminded me of the joy of obedience and the sweet wonder of being His daughter. I pray as you read these words, you will be encouraged and remember how amazing it is that as believers, we can call God our Father. How awesome that we are His sons and daughters!


We went into Ndu to use an internet Café. Our return home was delayed by many juju’s and their followers running down the street. First, a group of barefoot young men in traditional African clothes ran down the road, carrying branches and screaming. Then, some different juju’s came running and shouting.

Finally, 2 juju’s came holding 2 ropes that were tied to a man all dressed in black with a huge mask that made his head 5 times the normal size. An educated young man standing near us said: "Step back, they can hurt people."

This land is bound by fear and superstition. The reality of demonic activity is not stood by most people. The juju’s give themselves to a power they do not understand. They are evil men, but they need your prayers. How might this area change if the chief juju came to Jesus? Pray for great deliverance!


1. We visited a local market. It was fascinating, so many things to see that are so different from home. The thing we noticed most was that there was absolutely nothing for sale that you could not work with, wear, or eat. This is a very poor place and people have so little.

2. At 2 puppet shows on Tuesday, we again praised God as hundreds of children prayed out loud.

3. We are all so blessed materially. Everyday we are reminded of this truth as we see so many children wearing torn, dirty clothes. Each of us feels a burden to better use for the kingdom what the Father has entrusted to us.

4. Outside of must churches, they have a bell to call people. Actually, it’s a wheel drum or part of an oxygen tank with a large stick.

5. A pastor said after a show: "The seed has been planted and we pray that it will not decay in Jesus name."

6. One group of children left the show singing "Jesus loves the little children" to an African rhythm. It was wonderful!

7. Fufu is the staple food of this area. It’s ground corn that is cooked to a mush. When you eat it you roll it into a ball with other things on your plate. Silas sings: "Fufu in the morning, fufu in the evening, fufu all day long." Sometimes this is true for us.


Our time in the Northwest is almost finished. Please pray for these last shows and our 12 hour ride home on Friday. Also, begin to pray for the remaining days in Yaounde where we will finish training a team and give away the equipment.

In Jesus,
Linda Summer for
Sam Shaw – Assistant Director
Silvana S. Shaw
Anna McIlwaine – French Director
Heather Kelley
Silas and Mary Nfor
Humphrey Indiformi