Dear Friends,

It is Sam Shaw here the Assistant Director of the Agape Puppets. At present I am in Ireland, and have been in contact with the team, in Chicago since 11PM yesterday (4AM Irish time this morning). Silvana my wife has been in contact with the Brazilian team trying to sort out the teams flights to the North East from Sao Paulo.

They are still delayed in Chicago, but they are hopeful to get out tonight. The problem with their original flight was due to weather in Chicago. They missed their flight to Brazil. They are due to depart on a flight this evening that will see them arriving in Sao Paulo at 10.05 AM tomorrow.

As it looks now the Brazilian airline will not refund the tickets for the flight that they will miss in Brazil this evening. They must buy new tickets, so that they can reach the children in the North East of Brazil. The total cost of all this looks like it will be in the region of $2500.

The North East is where they were planning on working and people are expecting them there.

However, we all understand, that this is God’s problem not ours. So we give thanks for the challenge. As we know, all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord.

Please pray for God’s solution as we trust in his provision.

In Jesus,

Sam Shaw & Assistant Director for the team