Dearest Friends,


What an incredible day we have had sharing with children in rural areas across the northeast of Brazil. We did 4 shows, 2 at orphanages, one at a shelter, and the last was a combination of a public school with a street show. What did we see the Father do?
1) The director of one orphanage was so very grateful for our program. He repeatedly thanked us! Then, he said something that really touched my heart. He said, "We wait for more moments like these."
2) At all of the shows, so many children prayed out loud. calling on God to forgive them and Jesus to save them. We never suggested that they pray out loud, but hundreds chose to pray very loudly. They were so excited!
3) It is such a sweet privilege to tell orphans that there is a Father who wants to always be there for them. Today, some children seemed to lean foward in their seats, so hungry to hear about love.
4) All of us have enjoyed so many hugs and kisses and big smiles.
5) One man stopped his truck on the street and listened to the program.
6) Teachers thanked us for telling them and the children about Jesus.
7) Brazilians are very friendly. The Christians here share all that they have. Different pastors and missionaries prepare lunches and dinners for us as we travel. One man today sacrificed a large chicken so that we could enjoy a very special meal. Many of these brothers and sisters catch their water in a cistern, grow their own vegetables and live in very simple homes. Still, they give generously. Their example challenges me to live differently, to give sacrificially. I love these dear friends.

1) Please pray for 3 brothers whose mother died a month ago. We met them at a shelter tonight with thier father. He was very drunk and caused problems during the puppet show. We all gathered around the family tonight and prayed.
The Bible says that we comfort with the comfort that we have been given, so I told the boys that I understood how it hurt to say goodbye to someone you love. They listened so intently and my heart ached for them. Please hold them before the throne.
2) We drive 4 hours, leaving at 5am tomorrow morning to reach our first show. Please pray for God to give our friend and driver Bio extra strength.
3) Praise God for Hannah and Sara. Through all of our delays ,missed meals and lost sleep, they have never complained. They are a real joy. Sara’s testimony especially touched the orphans today as she buried both of her parents as a teenager. When she smiled and told the children that Jesus took away her loneliness, they listened. Thank God for Sara and Hannah’s very sweet spirits.
4) Please pray for Fabianna and Gerson Simioni, our Brazilian directors, who are working extra hard .They are a sweet blessing.

In Jesus, Linda for Hannah, Sara, Bio, Fabianna, and Gerson.