Dearest Friends,

Finally, we are in Brazil ! Thank you for praying us safely here! We landed in Sao Paulo and drove 2 hours to Campinas. Traffic was terrible! Fabianna and Gerson´s family greeted us with a wonderful meal and so much love. Truly, we have family in this place! We quickly unpacked 9 suitcases and repacked for our flight to the Northeast. Within hours, we had driven back to the airport and were on another plane here. Because of the weather delay that caused us to miss our flight to Brazil, we missed 3 scheduleed puppet shows and a training session here in Receife. People cried when they heard that we were not coming. They were so hungry to receive training so that they could better teach their children about Jesus.

At the airport tonight, 3 friends waited for us at 1:15 in the morning! They hugged us and made us feel more wecome than I have words to describe.

The Father used our delay and gave us many opportunities to speak to people in Chicago about Jesus Christ. Please forgive me, but I will tell you these stories tomorrow. We have been traveling for 3 days and must get up in 3 hours to go and do a show. Please hold us in your prayers!

In Jesus,Linda for the team