Dearest Friends,

Two years ago, we were working with Fountain in the Desert, a ministry in the northeast of Brazil. They scheduled us in a school in a very rough area. Most of the women in the area made their living by prostitution. The children did not know who their fathers were. After we did the program at the school, the principal could see a change in the behavior of the children. He invited Pastor Neto to come teach the children about Jesus. From that puppet show, and the children who prayed to recieve Christ, a small church was born. The other night we went there and did a street show. About two hundred people sat in the street or stood and listened to the Gospel. Please continue to hold this place in your prayers. The children can live very different lives from the lives their mothers and fathers have lived. Jesus is their only hope!


We did a show on the top of a mountain. Many of the places we are visiting are described to us as forgotten places. This is one of those places, full of people that no one thinks about. The spiritualists are very strong there and it has not been possible to start a church. The adults simply will not come. However, the children are hungry to hear about Jesus. They have a weekly meeting and from that group, a church will grow. Many of the children prayed to receive Christ at the show. They were so eager to ask Jesus to be their Savior that they started praying before Fabiana could give them all the words in Portuguese. Many of the children arrived riding in the back of a large vegetable truck. Fabiana and Gerson rode home on top of our van so they could enjoy the spectacular view. Please pray for this place. It is very very dark and the people are desperately poor.

This group of boys came to a puppet show we did in the street of a small town. Hundreds of people attended the show, many of them adults. They listened well, but none of them prayed to recieve Christ. After the show, a group of boys stood nearby, waiting, as though they wanted to talk to me. Gerson and I talked with them for a long time. Most of their fathers were alcoholics. One boy told us he was very sad because his uncle and cousin had died. We told them how Jesus could take away their sadness. We told them how God could be their Father. All of them stood in the street and prayed with us, asking Jesus to be their Savior. Praise God! We were told that they would not be allowed to come to the children´s Bible study that meets nearby because their fathers would not permit it. We introduced them to the lady that teaches the class and they all wanted to come. Please ask God to make a way for them to learn more about Him.

In Jesus, Linda for