Dearest Friends,


A favella is a group of homes made usually out of other people’s trash. The homes are poorly built and it is an extremely hard and dangerous place for children. Rape is common, as is alcohol abuse. We went to one of these places to do a puppet show.

They were so excited that we had come to see them. I looked into their eyes and wondered what they dreamed about. Their whole world smelt like a sewer. They loved the puppets, testimonies, and the Bible story. Best of all, they fell in love with Jesus! They were so eager to pray that they started trying to pray in English, before they recieved the Portuguese translation. So many of the children that we meet are so hungry to hear the Gospel. Praise God!


Sal de Terra (Salt of the Earth) is the name of a Christian band that we are working with this trip. They want to expand their ministry and begin working with children.

Today we shared at a school, literally in the middle of nowhere. Months ago, Sal de Terra came there and did a program. It had not rained there in years. Many children did not even know what rain looked like. The band prayed in the school and asked God to make it rain. It started to rain and a big celebration took place in the streets. Praise God!

Today, in that same place, many children prayed out loud, calling on Jesus to save them at the puppet show. So many in this little village have came to trust in God’s providence. Please pray for theses new believers to grow deep in their faith.


At street shows, and at schools we are sharing with thousands of children, but many adults also come. For most, the Gospel is news to their ears. The Catholic church is the only church in many of these places. Here in South America, they teach that people can go to heaven by being good. God’s word is plain. It says that none are righteous, no not one. They seldom talk about Jesus Christ, and do not mention the Resurrection.

In one place, the people were told to climb a mountain on their knees, praying at each stop, and give money. Such things will not pay the price for our sins. When they hear that Jesus Christ has paid the total price for our sin at a puppet show, their faces fill with joy and wonder.


1) We met the first believer in Caicarinha da Penha. Six months ago, there was not a single believer in his town. Edizio gave me a beautiful quartz crystal that he had found so that I would not forget him. His face glowed with the love that God had put in his heart!
2) Pastor George and his wife Audenice have only been church planting for less than a year and already there are enough believers to have a church.
3) Two dear ladies in a tiny village washed all of our clothes by hand at a river while we were out doing puppet shows. We were so grateful!
4) Clea and Cleide are sisters who have an undiagnosed illness. They cannot walk and one sister can only lay curled up in bed. Their faces glow as they have both come to faith in the last few months. One sister said, "I know that I will never walk on earth, but someday I will walk in Heaven." Her trust in God under such difficult circumstances is precious.
5) One day while Hannah and I typed an email at an internet cafe, Sara shared with Ramaria, a little 13 year old girl. Please pray for her to come to the faith!
6) People give up their own beds so we can rest well. Their kindness challenges us to love Jesus more.


1) The stores in one town where we worked have the strangest names. They translated, "Great Jesus Gas Station" and "Great Jesus Pharmacy"
2) Did you know Brazil nuts are from a fruit? They use the fruit to make Brazil nut juice. It is very good!
3) House fronts are painted green in very dry areas. They say that they do this so they can remember what green looks like during the years it does not rain.
4) Frogs keep showing up ion the most unusual places. Today there was one swimming in our water bottle.

In Jesus, Linda for