Dearest Friends,


In a village square everyone gathered, children, teenagers, and adults. Many of the children prayed out loud, calling on Jesus to save them like He saved Peter. We told them Peter was a very rich man, but he had no silver, no gold, no fine clothes and no jewels. He was rich because he knew Jesus as his King. These children were so very poor, but now they know how they can be truely rich. Silver and gold cannot buy love, hope, joy or peace. These gifts can grow in their hearts and change their lives forever.

Another very sweet thing happened in this place. after the show, Fabianna and I had a lovely conversation with a group of ladies who arrived as we were finishing the program. They were sad that they had missed so much. I told them that I would tell them a special story, a story that I had not told the children. I shared with them Mike´s testimony and how Jesus´ love filled us with lovefor another. As I talked one lady began to cry. Please pray for this group of ladies in Feidoria to put their trust in Jesus and find true love.


In a very small village, we met a school teacher named Mary Nange. She led all of the children at the school to the shade of a big tree so that they could watch the program. Many of the children climbed up in the tree to watch as they listened to story of Zacheus. It was very funny!

Mary Nange listened to the entire program and when e prayed with the children, she also prayed. She came and told us, she was so excited! Her whole face was changed. She had tears in her eyes and was not even able to describe all that she was feeling. Both of her parents died when she was eight years old. She told us her story and she had had a very hard life. Her face showed the peace and love that had filled her heart. Please pray for her to grow strong in her new faith.


1) Every night, we are in a different place. One night, I went into the bathroom and found a frog swimming in the toliet. I´m glad this only happened once.
2) Sara is very funny. One day, she said, ”I love guano.” She meant to say guava.
3) One morning we had breakfast in a kitchen where a sheep was also a guest.
4) Cactus ice cream is delicious!
5) When you want people to smile for a photograph, you say, ”jeguel” (jaggey). This is the word for donkey.
6) They sell a candy here that is especially sweet. It is called ”Bride´s Mattress”.


Please ask the Father to call many children to Himself. Please pray for us as the days are very hot and the nights are very cold.

In Jesus, Linda for