Dearest Friends,


This trip to the Northeast of Brazil has been the most tremendous blessing. We had the most difficult time getting to this place because of the weather delays coming out of the United States. Having to rebuy the tickets was very expensive and remains a matter of prayer. However, what price do you place on the thousands of children who have heard about Jesus, his forgiveness, and his love? What is it worth to see a child smile and forget for even a little while that their whole world smells like a sewer?

I believe that these children have a great value to the Father. So often as I have stood in front of them, I have said "God sees you. He knows your names. He cares for you." They always look so suprised and delighted. Everywhere that we have gone we were told by the people there that they were forgotten. They feel that no one cares. Please pray for the Northeast of Brazil. Many national missionaries are working in this region. Please ask God to call more Brazilians to this area.

35,000 PEOPLE

Today, I visited the largest favella that I have been to in Brazil. I often go to these places to do puppet shows. In Geriquiti, 35,000 people crowd into an area that should house 1/3 that number. Long before you ever reach the street that takes you into the favella, you smell it. We walked down streets with open running sewers crossing them and flooding all the drainage ditches. It was terrifically hot, smelly, and filthy. Toilets did not flush and the drinking water was bad. A large extended family crowds into two or three small rooms. The area is known for violence, rape, murder, and drug and alcohol abuse. It is a very dangerous place to be a child.

The little church was packed with children. Some laughed and smiled, but too many stared at us with vacant eyes. Some were hungry, but most had just seen so many awful things, they were numb. There are no air conditioners here, but the pastor did have a fan. I have a rule that we can never cry in front to the children that makes us unable to serve them. I almost broke my own rule today. My heart broke…all of our hearts broke for the children of Geriquiti. Such a precious few trusted Jesus as Savior. A little twelve year old girl named Rosangela never took her eyes off of me. She did not smile much, but was very happy when I gave her my story pages. I was very happy because she was one of the precious few who trusted in Jesus today.

Geriquiti is a very dirty place. To be honest, it was hard to visit. I cannot imagine what those children endure. Please, pray for Father to be kind to the children of Geriquiti and call then to Himself.

In Jesus, Linda for the team.